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The Bitahoy Team was formed in Summer 2019 by three Cybersecurity (M.Eng.) Students who combined their expertise in penetration-testing, embedded security and machine learning to create the Bitahoy Watchdog project. The first Proof-of-Principle implementation allowed us to shine new light onto previously unconsidered areas in the field of IoT security.
To further advance our development we are publicly funded through the StartUpSecure program in cooperation with the incubator at CISPA.
This gives us access to resources to optimize our AI and Usability of the Watchdog which is essential given that we are developing a cybersecurity solution with little to no margin for error. Using this opportunity we hope to avoid our development fading into obscurity and we are therefore emphasizing the development of a business idea.
As such, although we come from a technical background, we believe that technical execution and business strategy are of equal importance for the success of our project. We have already invested time and thought into the latter aspect of our venture and are eager to improve on our previous ideas. Nonetheless, we believe reinforcement helps our team in order to balance out the strengths and weaknesses of our collective knowledge and capabilities. Consequently, we are always open to new people to join us in our journey to take Bitahoy to the next level and join us in the upcoming years..

Currently, we have some open positions for student assistants. However, if you think you might be useful in another position in our team, feel free to reach out to us anyways.

Student assistant needed!

Starting: Now
Location: St. Ingbert, Germany
Language: English
Tasks: Choose from:
  • Frontend development
  • Data Science
  • Module development in Python or Rust
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What we offer

We are developing a B2C cybersecurity system which allows for little to no margin for error. This brings hurdles that other Startups simply don't face, which we see as a challenge and an advantage. We believe that our system can have a significant impact on society by bringing state-of-the-art research to everyone's living room. We want to give our users the feeling of security in their own home and equip them with a tool to deal with any privacy violations. You are given the unique opportunity to join a team of three experienced developers and introduce a completely novel product to the market. Due to our backgrounds and connections to CISPA − Helmholtz Center for Information Security, we possess the support of both, world-class researchers and the institute’s wide network of partners.
This is our vision.

  • Unique product in one of the fastest growing markets
  • Public funding covering up to two years
  • The best team in the world

What we expect


In this early stage of our venture we will have overlapping responsibilities. Resolving these challenges is part of the fun of founding your own company. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve. Communication and openness is therefore a requirement. In order to be able to work together we want to make sure that you match our existing dynamics and work well in a team.

Tech Enthusiast

You have to be excited about smart home devices and everything that the future has to offer. In our IoT Lab and in the beta Test, we will work with plenty of different IoT devices. It is therefore also in your best interest that you show a long lasting enthusiasm about these topics. However, (although it might be a big plus :p) we do not expect expert knowledge and you do not have to hack your way into a smart fridge. Enthusiasm and the will to learn more about the subject should be enough to start.


All of us are decisive in putting all of our time and effort into this project for the coming years. We expect you to be ready to give the project your very best and to be prepared to work on it for a prolonged time. We do expect you to be available and ready to build this idea together with us as a member of our team.

Get in contact with us

If you're interested, best to just contact us and we can schedule a call. Just drop us your mail address and we will answer ASAP. We are excited to hear about you.